Tired as hell!

It’s been a busy day today! And I like when I have stuff to do!

First I woke up and did nothing. When the clock was about 11 I went out to mow the lawn! So I did that for about 45 minutes and it looked really nice. And I love the smell of freshly cut grass! But I wasn’t done! When the grass was cut I started to look for our trimmer. I found it and plugged it in and went bananas in the garden. Cut all the places where I couldnt reach with the lawnmower. It turned out to look really nice. Like someone actually cared about the grass (well its mostly moss but hey, its green!).

When that was done it was time for food and a quick shower. The time really flew when I did that garden work so I had about 20min to get ready for the buss. I got on the buss and went to work. Today I worked from 14.00 – 21.20. So I actually got to close the store for the first time! It was fun and exciting! It all went well (I hope). And if it didn’t I’ll probably read about it in the paper tomorrow :D. “Employee forgot to lock the door, store robbed of everything” Or if it was Aftonbladet it would be like “LÅSSHOCK i MARIESTAD. ANSTÄLLD HETSLÅSTE AFFÄR, GLÖMDE DÖDSDÖRREN, AFFÄR LÄNSAD OCH 5 DÖDA”.

AAaaaanyway, i’m tired and going to bed =)