Shop ’til You Drop

This Saturday was really rainy. I’m not even joking when I’m saying that it was really rainy, because it truly was. So rainy in fact that we canceled the trip to Whistler because, well.. What to do in Whistler when it just rains? Eat over priced food and get wet? No thanks!

I decided that this was the day I was going to go shopping instead, rainy days are perfect for it, no?

NO! Well yes, and no. I think that all of Vancouver went shopping today, Metrotown was PACKED! But who cares really, I got there early and went away with a lot of stuff for a reasonable price. I think anyway. I bought eleven items at an average cost of about 250 Swedish Krona. A lot of jeans, a couple of hoodies and a pair of shoes. I’m happy, Canada is happy, so all went well. So well in fact that I probably don’t have to buy clothes in about a year or so, WOOP WOOP!

Now I’m super tired though, and tomorrow its both F1 and we are going to a cyclo cross race, nice!