Cyclocross and wind

Today I finally got to see how my bike is supposed to be used. Dave took me to a Cyclocross competition! It was quite exciting actually, even though there was limited heckling going on. Usually the heckling is a big part of it all, but today they didn’t really say that much. Anyway!

So it took place in a park, you ride the course for one hour, the one who does most laps in that hour wins. During the race you have to get off the bike and run with it on a few places, which makes this kind of bike racing a bit different from other bike races. It’s pretty much that thing that is unique for Cyclocross!


It was really fun to watch and it actually looked pretty neat, I might even look up if there are some races around where I live when I get home so I can go and watch it. And in due time maybe even participate.

In the afternoon I went for a stroll a long the shore line. It was really windy today and while I was standing there, listening to an audibook and taking a few pictures of the bay, I notice that someone has come up and stands real close to me, like he’s talking to me. So I take out my earplugs and say “sorry, did you say something?” And he was all like “That boat, it was out there 30 minutes ago, you should call the Coast Guard because it will crash in to the beach in an hour or so!” and then he just takes off running. I should add that he actually was out for a run, but anyway. I didn’t call the Coast Guard, mostly because I don’t get any service over here and I wouldnt know what number to call. I will give you an update tomorrow if the boat is still out there or not…



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