A day spent outside

I spent most of my Monday outside, might as well when the weather is good! Clear skies and sunny all day long, it has been absolutley fantastic!

In the morning Dave asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride, and that I wanted. I borrowed a helmet and a bike from him and we got out and took a 13km ride around Stanley Park. It was so beautiful out this morning, and since it’s not tourist season there wasn’t that many people out and about that early.


We stopped a few times to take some pictures, and on this one you can se the Vancouver skyline, isn’t it nice? Also two of Daves bikes, they are also nice!

When this was done and we got back home I almost instantly took off to enjoy the city some more in the nice weather. Left the house at about 10 maybe, and got back at 19.15 or something. The last hour I spent watching the sun set from 2nd beach at Stanley Park. I truly enjoyed that.

So what can you learn from all this? Well… if you want to go to Vancouver, do it when it’s nice weather!


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