Fight or Flight.

That was the feeling I got the first time I was supposed to be the leader of a spinning class at the gym. I chose to fight and got through it with my head held high. But I was nervous as a… well as something nervous! And now, almost a month later, I got the chanse again at last to be the leader again! And it was GRAND!

I was supposed to have had like 3 classes by the time I got around to have my second one. First one I had to cancel due to me working. Second one got cancled due to something I do not know. And the third one got canceld due to injuries and people being sick. But now everything just clicked and it finally happened 🙂

So the second time I had a spinning class things went way smoother. I wasnt as nervous as the first time and I actually enjoyed it very much! And I hope that the people who showed up also had a good time! It was me, 1 guy and 12 girls! And when it was done U and J, the two other leaders came up to me and said that it was like night and day if you compared it to my first class! And that they thought it was great! That boosted my confidence! =)

So now I’m looking forward to the next time I’ll get to have a class! Not sure when that is though 🙂

Now its time for bed!

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