Good and bad things.

There are good and bad things in the world. And there are degrees of it. Such as peace is good, but so is the smell of freshly cut grass. But some might say that peace in the world is a better “good” then the smell of freshly cut grass. Same thing with bad things. War is a bad thing, most would agree to that anyway. But to step on a nail is also bad, but mostly for your foot. In a large perspective Peace and War are two of the polarities of that scale and in one way the most important. But I really do not know if that truly is the case. I feel that all scales of good and bad are equal and very individual. And actually something we should rejoice rather then despise.

I realize that the comparison aint that fair if you think about that peace and war is pretty abstract things whilst cut grass and nails in your foot is direct stuff that pokes your awareness when it happens. Ofcourse war does that aswell, but then you would have to be near war to really see it. And since I am far away from it I really can’t relate. And in a way I can’t relate to what the word peace is all about either since I havn’t experienced war.

So due to lack of “real” problems we create bad things in our minds and blow them up in proportion to the very degree that we can’t live a normal life and need to go to therapy. We have too much time left on our hands to think about what we lack in life that we forget what we have. With this way of thinking we will only get into more and more problems and suffocate ourselves to death. The more one reach for freedom the tighter the chains become.  You will never be satisfied with your life. Well you might be a short period of time. But when that time ends you will strive for more. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The fact that it is an optical illusion and that you know it is just that won’t matter. You will go for it anyway.

I have no idea where I’m going with this.

I think my point somewhere is that we need to be less selfish and that we must start to care about the “greater good” rather then “what is good for me” to make life better. And I’m not saying that you never should do anything selfish. Ofcourse you should, but to deserve some time to be selfish you should give others joy and not sorrow.

There are people who gives and people who takes. And to deserve to take you must give. You can’t expect people to just give and never get anything in return. And that is the way of a selfish society. You take what you want and leave when you have what you want.

Damn, I sound bitter. But I’m not actually! =) <– LOOK I SMILED! THIS MEANS I’M HAPPY!

But I will give you a tip! Stay away from takers. Cause they will just bring you down. They will poison your mind with their words and when they are done you will be a broken shell of a person. And that is bad, mmkay? And I urge you to make the day better for someone. Give them a kind comment or anything that will make the day better for them and you will feel good aswell. Start spreading love, not hate!

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