So the other day…

My brother calls me up to ask me what I’m doing. And since I never do anything I say “I’m really really busy right now”. He then tells me that I’m not busy and that I should help him go up on his attic to remove some thing up there with a saw and a wrench.

If you are a guy and can say no to REMOVE == DESTROY something with a SAW and a WRENCH you should get your head checked!

I accepted of course and he came to pick me up a while later. We went up to his attic and started to work! 30 minutes later we had successfully removed the thing and headed down again. Down to our next endeavour. Replace 1 tile of roof where the thing we removed left a hole.  So we got one of those roofing tiles and climed up to the roof. Its pretty high up! Nothing to keep us from falling or anything! IT WAS MAN AGAINST NATURE! When we arrived at the top we realized that “Holy crap batman. We need one more roofing tile! HENRIK go down and get one!” And down I went. I got a new tile, climbed up the ladder and gave it to my brother who placed got it in to place and the job was done!

You do alot of stuff you wouldn’t normally do when you have friends and family with houses and apartments! The other day I was at a friends apartment and helped him put up wallpaper in one of his rooms. Was fun! And a while back I helped another friend to put isolation in the roof of his garage.

Henrik “THE BUILDER” Davidsson is my name!

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