I am healthy once again!

I have conquered the cold once again and feeling better every day! I actually had a spinning-class last friday so It’s all good, ALL GOOD!

I have explored my behaviour as a sick person aswell. I tend to feel sorry for myself and play World of Warcraft a whole lot more then I do when I’m healthy. Not only do I play wow, I watch these “feel-good” series as Lyxfällan and Arga Snickaren. “WHAT!” you say, “THAT AIN’T FEEL-GOOD SERIES! THEM MAKE YOU MAD HENRIK, BAD HENRIK”. No I say, it IS feel-good TV. It truly is. Cause everything always works out in the end and everyone is happy. And when everyone is happy I’m happy == FEEL-GOOD.

Tomorrow I might try out my new Spinning-class I just put together, not sure thogh. But the best thing about tomorrow is that I have a BUGG-course once again! It was canceled last week cause the teachers were off to participate in some competition somewhere. But tomorrow we are back and It’s going to be so much fun 🙂 WEE!

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