I’ve got a new spark!

I’m not sure what it was but something kickstarted my will to work out again! I have been in a daze and a laze quite some time now where I only worked out when I had my spinning class on mondays. But now I just can’t get enough :). And I love it! LOVE IT. My mood goes up and I feel so much better when I exercise so I’m not sure why I’m not always doing it :).

Yesterday I found out that my boss at the gym was going to participate on my spinning class to evaluate me. Evaluate me as a leader and how I plan and execute my spinning classes. The result was a good one! She was very pleased with the way I lead the class and how my planning was and so on. That made me really happy since I think she is one of the best leaders in spinning out there!

So all in all a pretty good Monday đŸ™‚

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