The Saturday of exercise!

I hinted about this a few posts back and just realized I didn’t write anything about it! SHAME ON ME, SHAME!

Anyway! The 21st of November I was in Stockholm at a Nautilus gym in Kista. They had a sort of meet there where many of the Nautilus instructors were invited to participate in a day with training and lectures. So me and 5 other instructors from the gym I work at went there to work out, have fun and learn stuff!

I must admit that it was very nice and fun! We started off with something that was called “functional moves”. Well something about that anyway. 60 minutes and many many insane exercises later I was tired as a crazy person! And I really felt that work out two, three days afterwards.

Then lunch came and with that a lecture from a guy named Paulun who works with nutritions and things like that. So he talked about how you should eat when you are working out. And the positive and negative effects that might come with a good or bad relationship with food!

After lunch it was time for a technique class in spinning. Which actually SUCKED :(. When I got out from that class I found out that my friends had done some exercise with WOODEN SWORDS! And I was really bummed out that I had missed it for a crappy spinning class :(.

I ended my day there with another spinning class. It was pretty good but not AMAZING. The class was only other leaders and It was really fun to participate in just because of that. Shouts and some yelling occured where people cheered each other on. But the leader was a bit to hectic and loud if you ask me :).

When I got home from this day of exercise I realized my puls-watch was missing. After some time of thinking I came to the conclusion that it HAD to be underneath the lockers in the locker room. So I called the gym the next day and asked if they found it. I described where I thought it was and they checked.. and FOUND it :D. So they posted it here since its 400km for me to go get it :). So now I have my watch again! YAY.

Long post is looooooong!

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