Running and Karate Kid.

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. The weather was godlike, and not just a part of the day but the entire day!

I woke up rather late, about 8 or something. Started to talk to people online and that kept me going for a few hours… went down stairs to eat something and really felt the warm weather… So I thought “HEY, Why don’t I go out for a run?!” Said and done… I went out running about 9km when it was 30 deg in the sun. When I came back about 1 hour later I was beat. I was really really tired and I realized I didn’t have anything to eat or drink before I set out on my run. Sometimes my mind amazes even me… But hey, I didn’t die so It’s allright!

Then a few hours later I took the car and drove to Skövde where I was going to watch some movies with my friend Jonatan. We decided to do a Karate Kid Marathon. And no we did not see “The Next Karate Kid” Cause hey, DANIEL-SAN isn’t in it! So it’s not a a real KARATE KID Movie! We started about 16.30 or something. After the first movie we went out shopping so we could cook something to eat. As per usual we made TORTILLAS! and that was awesome. Then we continued our marathon with the 2nd and 3rd movie. We was done about 00.40 or something like that.

Karate Kid… The first movie is the best one. The 2nd and 3rd are very slow and it kind of ruins the whole thing. The 3rd movie was really bad with “actors” who could not act and a DANIEL-SAN who probably was on crack or something, with all his twitching around. There is something wrong with you if you can’t take two steps without waving your arms around like you are trying to fly. If you find yourself doing that… go to the nearest hospital and ask for help cause its not normal.

So it was a good day and I had fun! Me and Jonatan is planning our next Marathon, but we havn’t decided which movies we are going to see yet! If you have any recomendations please let me know 😉

Oh, and I MUST have one of these. Pretty awesome!
Oh, and I MUST have one of these headbands. Pretty awesome!

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