That cold though

I actually think that my cold is getting better. I can kind of feel it in my body that it’s starting to give up. Not the body but the cold, my body won’t give up for at least 50 years! I really hope that it’s all good and well next week so that I can start to exercise again. I actually really miss it even though I only was two weeks in to it when the flu got me.

The thing I really want to do right now is to go out for a run and just run so that my body aches and I can’t breathe. Strange how satisfying that can be.

But now I’m just tired and should go to sleep. But since I’m such a nice guy I will give you a picture from when I was really really tired.


This was during the Grouse Grind in July a couple of years back. Me and my friend Sten did it with one of his Dutch friends who was visiting.

The Grouse Grind is a 3km path up a mountain, the elevation is 853 meters. It was lovely 😀



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