Moving along just fine!

Or atleast I think so! I am pretty pleased with the blog as it is right now. Some minor tweaks here and there and it will be fine and dandy!

I worked today btw, 07-14 and it was… Well it was pretty much as every other day I work the morning-shift. Placing orders, putting up stuff on the shelves, you know, the usual. But I cannot stop thinking about stuff when I work. And recently its been the actions and behaviour of my co-worker, A. She is one strange woman.

If the stockroom is filled with products she starts to whine about it. Over and over again, that it’s so many things that have to get done and OH MY GAWD I’M NOT GONNA MAKE IT IN TIEM!… I just want to scream at her “WELL IF YOU STARTED TO DO SOME WORK INSTEAD OF WHINING ABOUT IT MAYBE IT WOULD GET DONE!”. But hey, I’m a nice guy, I don’t do those kind of things ;). Me on the other hand just couldnt care less about if the place is packed with stuff. I just start to work and prioritize what I start with depending on what is empty in the shelves… Its rocketscience to work at a grocerystore. Let me tell you.

I’m looking forward to those 4 weeks I get to work in there w/o her, calm! Quite! mmmm

2 thoughts on “Moving along just fine!

  1. I sure like the new layout of your blog! Veeery Nice! And I also like the fact that you add new posts more frequently! 😉 (I need something to read while I’m drinking my morning cup of coffee.)

    Korekaramo ganbatte kudasai!

  2. Well thank you! I’m glad that you like it =).

    I will try to keep this frequency of posting up! I will do my best and I see your japanese is getting awesome! keep it up =)

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