It has been done!

Finally all the debree from our wood-cutting-thingy has been taken care of. I was so bored that I had to do something. So as per usual I went out to the garden to fix some stuff! But we did not have anything to put all the debree in! So I went to the hardware store and bought two rolls of garbage bags, you know those big black ones! 10 in each roll! Went home and started to work. 5 garbage bags later and I was done!Then I realized I had stuff left in the wheel barrel… Enough for 4 more bags, I shit you not… I filled that one up when I didnt have any bags last time…

But folks, It’s not over yet!

I rememberd that we had some dry wood laying around in our wood shed, wood that was supposed to be carried down to the basement where it would rest until it was time to BURN IT. Said and done I started to move that wood from the shed to the basement. It went fairly easy now when I actually had freed the wheel barrel. And it was a good workout since I had to get a little basket and fill it with wood then carry it down to the basement where I piled it up. When that was done I cleared the shed and swiped the floor from all the debree from last seasons wood, it filled the last bag of the first roll! Then I put all the garbage bags in the shed and closed the door. There it will lay untill we drive it to the garbage heap! I actually have like 14 bags in the garage aswell… I’ve been busy ;).

Now its time for FOOD *hungry*

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