Strangely enough the portion of English speaking friends that I have want me to write more in English, because they, for some reason, can’t speak Swedish! I know, strange right?

I have been thinking of writing these posts in both English and Swedish but I haven’t really taken the time to do that kind of stuff yet. Maybe there even is something in WordPress that I can use so that you can chose which language you want the text to be in? Although I would have to write it in both languages anyway. Ah well, we’ll see how I will sort this out.

Today I went to the Vancouver Aquarium, it was nice, had some fun animals and stuff like that, but I really thought that it would be bigger. Not really sure what I was expecting but I guess that after one has visited the Monteray Bay Aquarium in California, most other aquariums are pretty small in comparison. Had a good time in there, even though I went through it in about one hour, maybe I could have been in there longer but I just felt done with it…

After that we went to my old work place and had lunch with a few of them. From my time at the office there are three people left, was really nice to see them again! We talked and ate and had a good time, then walked back to the office and after like 10 minutes me and Dave left to go home.

Later in the day we went to an Indian restaurant and met up with another old collegue, the food was really good and so was the company! But yea, that was pretty much this Friday. So now comes the weekend, who knows what it will bring?!


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