Well hewwo!

It’s been a while! I broke my streak with posting every day… But I don’t know, I’m not sad about it since the last posts was like “ohlolImpostingcauseIwanttohaveoneposteachdayandIdontcareiftheydontmakeanysense!” posts.

So I attended the Törebodafestivalen this weekend, well I was there on the saturday anyway when Sahara Hotnights, Johnny Kask and Beach Boys played (YES BEACH BOYS IN TÖREBODA11!1!). It was nice and the weather was awesome. Johnny Kask was the best performance that day and I was happy about it!

The Beach Boys looked pretty tired! They played non-stop for 1h40m and well… I think it was play back but I’m not sure ;). But they are still closer to death then to a come back… And since there were only 2 members left from the “original” Beach Boys I’m not sure what to make of it. My guess is that the band they played with mostly was their own little bastards who wanted a piece of the money their parents are going to leave behind when they die ;).

Yesterday was a good day to be me. Two people asked me if I had lost weight and told me I looked good and that they were impressed :). It’s really nice to hear stuff like that, makes my day! And It’s proof that my efforts are not all in vain 🙂

2 thoughts on “Well hewwo!

  1. Oh you went there? I skipped it cause of the weather and the fact that I didn’t have a car :(.

    I thought that their consert in Töreboda was pretty darn good to be honest! I clapped my hands alot and sang along with some of the tunes. The mood was high!

    How was it in boulogner?

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