So I’ve been working alot.

And it actually seems that my mind gets affected by it. Today has been a shitty day work-wise. Nothing went smooth and I’ve walked around in some sort of HAZE the entire day. Think its cause I’ve been working long days now for 2 weeks. up 05.30 in the morning, home at 18.40 in the evening.

Today I got some extra help though, that was really nice. One of my co-workers said that “You never say anything about how much your workload is cause you usually can handle it in a good way. So now when you said you were stressed I thought that you REALLY must be stressed out so M can help you aswell”. Its good to have co-workers that you can rely on :).

But sometimes you just get tired. One of my co-workers “helped” me when the deliviry came, then he said with a smug voice “Damn, you have bought ALOT”

“Yea, everyone gets payed this weekend you know”

“So everyone buys MILK?”


Ah well, its at an end now anyway. The next two weeks are much more soft then the last two. Work from 07-15, 07-12, and I’m free on wednesdays 🙂


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