Lyxfällan… again

Well it’s like this. I’m not sure if you know what show “Lyxfällan” is. But its a show where people in financial troubles ask for help from two experts who can get them up on their feet again.

These people are insane! They are stupid beyond recognition. I mean come on. How stupid are you if you spend all your money on shit you don’t need. “I don’t have enough money for food but hey, This big screen TV looks really nice! And hey it’s only 500SEK a month! WOW THATS CHEAP! I NEED IT!”… And don’t get me started on SMS-loans. There was one guy who actually took these insane loans just to buy beer to his friends on a night out. Wtf is that about…

I just don’t get it. And I get mad when I think about it. The stupidity… ARGH! 😀

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