Villa vs Hammarby!

Since Hammarby went to the semi finals in the swedish Bandy-league. And the fact that their opponent for the final spot was Villa-Lidköping put everything in a much better light! Since Lidköping aint that far away from Töreboda I can actually go there and watch some of the games!

So I tried to rally up a few people yesterday to go to Lidköping for the game! My entire family is Hammarby fans so I asked them first. My sister wanted to go, my brother wanted to go and so did my father! Then I asked my uncle if he was interested. Which he was. So there it was, we had a full car to Lidköping and some bandy-awesomeness.

Saturday came and my sister announced that she couldn’t go. My brother said that he couldn’t go. My uncle said that he couldn’t go… We had gone from 5 people to 2. My father was quite reluctant to go aswell but I talked him in to it. So we went, got there and had a hell of a time! Hammarby won with 5 goals against 3.

Also, when we entered the arena the security guys looked at us, saw our hats and stopped us and checked if we had any weapons or things to throw out on the ice. HAMMARBY ÄR DOM BÄSTA, HEJJA HEJJA HEJJA BAJEN!

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