He acted on impulse.

Found something on my hard drive.

He acted on impulse, two seconds later her head was one with the fence. Life can be random at times, and it may play games with your mind, body and soul. Is it irony that her head is one with a fence surrounding a graveyard or is it faith. A life ending at the same place where it will be put to rest, the great sleep. Death.

Nothing in particular went through his mind while he did the deed that would turn his life upside down. It was as if someone pushed him to do it, forced him to act in a way that he never had acted before. Was it god? Was it boredom? Was it the devil?

As he was standing there, watching as the blood trickled down the fence, he actually realized what he had done. He had killed, killed another person. A living thing. He wanted to run, but he could not move. The entire world was paused. People staring dumbstruck at what had happened. Crying, screaming. And suddenly he felt the asphalt against his cheek, an excruciating pain inside of his head and in his chest. At the same time as his brain was filled with blood his heart exploded.

Irony, he dying moments after he had killed for the first time, justice had been served and served well.

The surrounding area was flooded with people in an instant, people making phone calls to the police and to their friends. People taking pictures, all hoping to get a piece of the payment the newspapers were paying for good photos of things like this. Blood money.

A few moments later the area was secured by men in dark suits and sunglasses. Company men. The hoard of people was scattered by the men and the subject and his victim was moved as quick as one could blink. Not a single sign of blood or any bodies anywhere.

“There is going to be hell, you know that right?”

“Yes, yes I know. The media is going to have fun with this”

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about the media, Barry, the media will be the last of your problems”

“No I guess you are right, the fact that the subject went out of control two weeks to early will come back and bite me in the ass.” Barry continued: “But the media won’t make this any easier. A savage murder in the middle of the city? At lunch? It couldn’t be worse”

“Be sure Barry, it could have been worse. You’re just lucky he didn’t kill anyone important”

“You are right of course, but how am I going to explain this to the executives Roger? TWO WEEKS, how could our calculations be so flawed? What happened!?”

“Time will tell, the faster we get to the lab and have him properly examined the better.” Roger continues: “ I hope you’re little ‘black box’ is functional” Roger turn his head towards Barry.

“Of course it works! What will happen to the girl?” Barry says furiously

“I sure hope so, if it doesn’t you won’t live to see tomorrow.” Roger turns away from Barry and looks out the window. “What happens to the girl is none of your concern; you should be worrying about the subject, nothing else.”

Something is wrong. Something had to be wrong; I can’t move my arms. Where am I and what the hell happened at the graveyard! Why did I kill that woman? It was like I couldn’t control my own actions, but then who did? And… what…

Eric’s thoughts strayed all over the place, he looked down at a motionless body. Someone turned it face up. It was Eric’s body.

How can this be? Where.. no WHO am I if I’m not in that body? I was walking down the street, minding my own business when I suddenly killed the woman and. Pain. Headache, but not like any headache I have ever experienced before.

His thoughts stopped there, the car had stopped and people started to move. Something was going on and Eric was going to find out what with the tools he had. Listening, listening and thinking.

Who knows, might continue on this. I’ve felt like writing for some time now. I should just sit down and DO IT 🙂

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