Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
It’s the only way to live
In cars

Last week was a week to remember. I actually bought my first car. So now I have a car that I can call my own. I can take it for a ride when ever I want and go wherever I want. It feels awesome and I am very happy about it =). It’s freedom in a metallic casing!

This is going to help me get to work on time and be able to quit work on time. Since I don’t need to wait for a bus any more. And when I am supposed to be at work at 06.00 I will be there at 06.00 and not at 06.20 since thats when the bus arrives. Awesomeness? OH YES.

Oh! I wanna dance with somebody!

Every monday now for about a month I have participated in a dancing class in Mariestad :). I’m learning how to dance the dance named “bugg”. Apparently it is a typical swedish dance that isn’t used so much outside of this fine country. But it is a dance anyway.

My sister and a friend from work asked me if I wanted to join them in this beginners class and I accepted and off we went. This was pretty much the first time I’ve danced bugg since gym class when I was 14, 15 years old. And I must say it is awesome fun 🙂

So from now on I’m hooked! And apparently I’m pretty good at it! I keep getting positive comments from the ladies and the teachers! I must not let this get to my head so I frak it up!

I really enjoy it though, the dancing. I would recommend it to a friend 🙂

My weekend.

So I was down in Malmö this weekend to visit my good friend Magnus. Its a tidious ride there but I had a great weekend anyway :).

We didn’t do much, except eating and watching TV. It was very relaxing and cozy I must say! We also played some pool and video games. And saw that Sweden-Denmark-football game.

When I first arrived at Malmö we went to where Magnus work to drop off my bags and stuff, then we went out to get something to eat and get the cinematickets. Then we played pool until the movie started. Went there and saw THE SURROGATES or what ever it was called. A new action flick with Bruce Willis… It was… BAD. Bad beyond recognition. I get chills when I think about it. So after that epic failure we went back to his office where we played pool until 01.30, got home to his appartment and fell asleep!

The Saturday was a day of shopping! I bought a new wallet and 10 movies :). We teamed up with a guy who works with magnus. A british guy named STEVEN. Then an evening with football, pizza and “An Evening with Kevin Smith” followed :). Was pretty epic, except the game, cause that sucked ballsack.

Sunday was a day for rest… We went out to buy some food, then spent the entire day inside watching movies and eating tacos. We saw 3 old movies from the days of yore. G.I. JANE, Jurrasic Park and Golden Eye.

That was my weekend. I enjoyed it 😀


My legs hurt.

My legs hate me at the moment. And I hate them. But this past week I have been working out quite a lot and my legs did not think that was as a good idea as I did. Tuesday I went to AFRO which is some kind of dance class with BIG MOVEMENTS and stuff. Was pretty fun and hard work! My feet did not think that was a good idea either cause we had to be barefoot jumping around on the hard floor. I got a few blisters on my feet. But hey NO PAIN NO GAIN!

Then on Thursday I participated in an body pump class, where I put on a little extra wheight during our squats! My legs did not like that, not one bit! But they hated the fact that AFTER the body pump I went to a Step-Up class aswell! That was awesome fun but towards the end I was so friggin tired! And to top this off I had a spinning class yesterday! So today my legs are saying this to me “Hey, if you move, we kill you”.

But I had a fun week and I really enjoy the step-up form of exercise. I would recommend it to a friend!

So I got a job…

Not sure if I have mentioned this before. But I got myself a job! Sales leader for the bread department in the store I have been working in on vacations and so on for an eternity. It’s awesome and fun and exciting and new and confusing and… alot of stuff! But mostly it feels great to have something to do during the day. And to get money at the end of each month! 🙂