Wrong number!

I was standing at the ATM this morning. Was getting some cash to pay for my hair cut. When I was standing there my phone rang. It was an odd number, a foreign number… what the frak I thought as I answered. “Henrik”. And I got a confused answer.. “who is this?!” “It’s Henrik”…

Apparantly my friend Jerry who lives in Norway called me instead of “Home”. And when I answered his mind was spinning “Who the frak are you?! What are you doing in my house?! Are you having an affair with my woman you bastard?!”. I thought it was pretty fun :D.

This weekend will be work work work. Closing the store Friday and Saturday and opening on Sunday. After work on Sunday I’ll go to Skövde and have a “Rulle med Rulle” with Marcus. Awesome!

Legend of the Seeker and Merlin.

So I have begun to watch these two shows. Merlin and Legend of the Seeker.

Merlin is pretty amusing, a few laughs and pleasant english, since the actors are from britain and not the US :). I havn’t seen that much of it yet but I get how the series is built up and how each episode will be. In rough terms of course. It’s based on episodes with a thin red thread between each part. I would pretty much compare it to “Smallville” but in a mideaval setting instead of the present.

Legend of the Seeker… I have only seen the first two episodes and I’m not sure! It seems to have a more connected story that runs through the series since they actually are going to travel to something and do something about something. Not as in Merlin where they stay at Camelot and battle what ever comes their way. Merlin is more defence while Legend of the Seeker is offence!

The acting isn’t that bad, but not great. And I got really annoyed when they did something unforgivable… This girl is dressed in white the first 40 minutes. Her dress gets dirty and torn and all that. She gets new clothes. Now more usable clothing, pants and a tunic in leather, all in brown colors. She carries that until the last sequence of the episode, then she is back in her white dress! What The Frak. She just rode off in her brown clothes! So I’m guessing they didn’t think of what clothes she was wearing when they filmed that part of the episode. Cause it can’t have been on purpose. And if it was I want to hit something. Since a girl fighting bad guys in a white dress with cleavage looks better then a girl fighting bad guys in brown “man” clothes without cleavage…

I’m going to continue watching these two series and see how they grow. If they grow. I like these fantasy-type-shows so I’m having high hopes 🙂

And there I was. Sitting in a dark room with 20 other people. Looking down on my left arm noticing a watch there. A watch that keeps track of my pulse. Looking further up my arm and seeing the shirt I’m wearing. A shirt made of a material that “repells” water and sweat. As we say here in sweden “Funktionströja”. Following my arm to my body and down to my legs. A pair of bicycle pants. Sitting on a spinning bike attending a 90 minute spinning class.

I’ve said this a million times… but who the hell would have guessed that two years ago.

Awesomeness 🙂


I can feel it in the air. The awesomeness that is life! I don’t know what it is but I have a good feeling right now :). Everything is working out pretty much as planned. And I’m not really sure what it is planned. But I have a good feeling nonthenless!

Went out for a run yesterday and I can feel that today! And tomorrow its work 07-17, then spinning 17.30-18.30 and then we top that off with bugg at 19.30-20.30.

A new low.

I have been collecting data since week 44 2008. This data contains my current weight at every friday of every week. It isn’t perfect since I didn’t weigh in between week 14 and 27 2009. But hey, that doesn’t matter! Today I got a new low! 0.8kg less then my weight in week 35 2009! And this last week I have dropped about 1kg. I am happy as can be :).

Now it’s time for WORK!