The Running Man.

I am the Running Man! Well i ran anyway, or jogged. Call it what you will, I did it ;).

I took my bike and went up to the forrest. Apparently the local high school did the same thing cause it was ALOT of younglings there! I ignored them though, cause I’m too cool for school!

29 minutes later I was done, the 5km track was behind me and I got on my bike and went home. It felt great. It felt like I’m back on track again after being sick for a couple of weeks.

Awesomeness is awesome 🙂

My brothers birthday…

My brothers birthday is coming up. He turns 30 in 2 weeks or so. And the thing with my brother and his friends is that they like to do pranks on each other. When a friend of his turned 30 they wrote DIF and BAJEN on his lawn with grass-remover. Those are two soccerteams and, obviously, his friend don’t rout for any of them.

Ahwell. To the point. When my brother came home saturday night he found some odd things in his garden. First of all there was a large container of dirt in front of his car so he couldnt get it out. Then they had taken some wood from his stockpile and raised up his car. Then they threw a whole lot out on the lawn aswell. On the container it said “30 years”. I find this hard to explain in english so I’ll just post some pictures 😉

Nice to have friends! I did not enjoy it as much though. Since I had to help him fix everything back to normal. But hey, I’m his brother after all!

Karate Kid

A few months ago me and a friend watched the “original” Karate-Kid movies in a row. All three of them, which was AWESOME. A blast from the past so to speak! Well a few days later we talked about stuff you could buy from the movies. MERCH! And the bandana was something I wanted.. Cause well… in lack for a better word, its AWESOME ;).

So we don’t see each other for a while. And this friday we finally met again to watch the last episode. Karate Kid 4 – The New Karate Kid! And Jonatan (my friend) surprised me with a gift!

How awesome is this? This is awsome. AWESOME. Thank you Jonatan, this made my day 🙂

Me, the cold and Infected Mushroom.

The cold has me in a tight grip. I hate that, really hate it. When it hits it hits hard and knocks me out for long periods of time. I’m not sure why but I am getting used to it… Not much of a comfort though.

But now I feel better and I WILL BE HEALTHY BY FRIDAY. This is my ambition and I intend to keep it that way. DO YOU HEAR ME YOU FILTHY COLD?!

Right now I’m sitting here, listening to the new album from Infected Mushroom. I’m not sure about the quality yet though, think it needs a few more listenings before I can give it a verdict. But it reminds me of their last album. So if you loved that album I guess you are going to like this one. This comes at a price though. If you listen to all of their albums you should be used to a portion of exploration and playfullness with sound between the different albums. I can’t really find that here. At the moment this “album” gives the impression of being a second CD on the Vicious Delicious album rather then a whole new chapter in the story that is Infected Mushroom. This is my first impression of the album. But then again, an mediocre album from Infected Mushroom is still better then the average crap that is released now days.