I have a hard time finding photos.

Photos of me in full figure. So tomorrow when I’m at Tobbe I’m gonna make him take pictures of me! Just for fun and giggles!

And its nice to have something that I can use for “before & after” photos :).

Monday has been nice with work, work out and some dancing. Though my entire body still hurt from the activities last saturday. But I’ll talk about that tomorrow!

2007 vs 2008

2007 vs 2008

The picture to the left was taken in July 2007 at BĂ€ckens mini-golf course in Mariestad. The picture to the right was taken in October 2008 in London 🙂

I am healthy once again!

I have conquered the cold once again and feeling better every day! I actually had a spinning-class last friday so It’s all good, ALL GOOD!

I have explored my behaviour as a sick person aswell. I tend to feel sorry for myself and play World of Warcraft a whole lot more then I do when I’m healthy. Not only do I play wow, I watch these “feel-good” series as LyxfĂ€llan and Arga Snickaren. “WHAT!” you say, “THAT AIN’T FEEL-GOOD SERIES! THEM MAKE YOU MAD HENRIK, BAD HENRIK”. No I say, it IS feel-good TV. It truly is. Cause everything always works out in the end and everyone is happy. And when everyone is happy I’m happy == FEEL-GOOD.

Tomorrow I might try out my new Spinning-class I just put together, not sure thogh. But the best thing about tomorrow is that I have a BUGG-course once again! It was canceled last week cause the teachers were off to participate in some competition somewhere. But tomorrow we are back and It’s going to be so much fun 🙂 WEE!

Home improvement (swedish)

I was “cleaning” my desktop and found this.

FörÀndring! Alldeles för mycket tristess utvecklas tillslut alltid i nÄgot kreativt. Det Àr min syn pÄ livet. SÄ var det den dÀr lördagen för ett par Är sedan dÄ jag bestÀmde mig för att mÄla om hemma. SÀtta fÀrg pÄ tillvaron sÄ att sÀga.

Impulsivt? ABSOLUT. Smart? ABSOLUT inte…

För att göra en kort historia kortare sÄ innebar denna klick av kreativitet en ganska saftig rÀkning frÄn min hyresvÀrd pÄ renovering av hela vardagsrummet dÀr mitt ytterst nylagda och fina parkettgolv fick nÄgot sorts utslag. Svarta prickar började helt sonika breda ut sig över hela golvet dÄ fÀrgen jag införskaffat till taket inte riktigt ville sÀtta sig sÄ fort som jag hade tÀnkt.

Stegen stod vÀldigt stabilt, jag stod vÀldigt stabilt. FÄgeln som flög in genom fönstret och skrÀmde livet ur mig flög jÀvligt ostabilt. Som en klumpig Indiana Jones look-a-like föll jag av stegen, fick tag i lampsladden och blev hÀngande dÀr ett slag. ME TARZAN. Min nÀtta vikt till trots sÄ gav taket vika. DÀr satt jag mitt pÄ golvet med en lampa i famnen och tak i huvudet och kontemplerade min hÀrliga impulsivitet och det faktum att jag antagligen har tummen mitt i handen.

FÄgeln vÀnde strax efter sin ankomst och stannade inte ens pÄ en kopp. Ohyfsat.

Jag reste mig frÄn det fÀrgindrÀnkta golvet, gick ut frÄn rummet och stÀngde dörren efter mig. Tog mig in till badrummet för att tvaga mig. Tro mig, dum idé. HÀrligt fina fotspÄr hela vÀgen frÄn vardagsrummet till badrummet.

Tristess Àr det som gör att hantverkare blir rika.

LyxfĂ€llan… again

Well it’s like this. I’m not sure if you know what show “LyxfĂ€llan” is. But its a show where people in financial troubles ask for help from two experts who can get them up on their feet again.

These people are insane! They are stupid beyond recognition. I mean come on. How stupid are you if you spend all your money on shit you don’t need. “I don’t have enough money for food but hey, This big screen TV looks really nice! And hey it’s only 500SEK a month! WOW THATS CHEAP! I NEED IT!”… And don’t get me started on SMS-loans. There was one guy who actually took these insane loans just to buy beer to his friends on a night out. Wtf is that about…

I just don’t get it. And I get mad when I think about it. The stupidity… ARGH! 😀

Music is life.

I love music. I love it so much it hurts! A friend just showed me a really nice song. I want to share it with you! You might not like it though ;). Its Techno and it it GRAND

And another great song. A little more Electro then the previous! And I would say even better!

Now its time for bed 🙂

So the other day…

My brother calls me up to ask me what I’m doing. And since I never do anything I say “I’m really really busy right now”. He then tells me that I’m not busy and that I should help him go up on his attic to remove some thing up there with a saw and a wrench.

If you are a guy and can say no to REMOVE == DESTROY something with a SAW and a WRENCH you should get your head checked!

I accepted of course and he came to pick me up a while later. We went up to his attic and started to work! 30 minutes later we had successfully removed the thing and headed down again. Down to our next endeavour. Replace 1 tile of roof where the thing we removed left a hole.  So we got one of those roofing tiles and climed up to the roof. Its pretty high up! Nothing to keep us from falling or anything! IT WAS MAN AGAINST NATURE! When we arrived at the top we realized that “Holy crap batman. We need one more roofing tile! HENRIK go down and get one!” And down I went. I got a new tile, climbed up the ladder and gave it to my brother who placed got it in to place and the job was done!

You do alot of stuff you wouldn’t normally do when you have friends and family with houses and apartments! The other day I was at a friends apartment and helped him put up wallpaper in one of his rooms. Was fun! And a while back I helped another friend to put isolation in the roof of his garage.

Henrik “THE BUILDER” Davidsson is my name!