Running and Karate Kid.

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. The weather was godlike, and not just a part of the day but the entire day!

I woke up rather late, about 8 or something. Started to talk to people online and that kept me going for a few hours… went down stairs to eat something and really felt the warm weather… So I thought “HEY, Why don’t I go out for a run?!” Said and done… I went out running about 9km when it was 30 deg in the sun. When I came back about 1 hour later I was beat. I was really really tired and I realized I didn’t have anything to eat or drink before I set out on my run. Sometimes my mind amazes even me… But hey, I didn’t die so It’s allright!

Then a few hours later I took the car and drove to Skövde where I was going to watch some movies with my friend Jonatan. We decided to do a Karate Kid Marathon. And no we did not see “The Next Karate Kid” Cause hey, DANIEL-SAN isn’t in it! So it’s not a a real KARATE KID Movie! We started about 16.30 or something. After the first movie we went out shopping so we could cook something to eat. As per usual we made TORTILLAS! and that was awesome. Then we continued our marathon with the 2nd and 3rd movie. We was done about 00.40 or something like that.

Karate Kid… The first movie is the best one. The 2nd and 3rd are very slow and it kind of ruins the whole thing. The 3rd movie was really bad with “actors” who could not act and a DANIEL-SAN who probably was on crack or something, with all his twitching around. There is something wrong with you if you can’t take two steps without waving your arms around like you are trying to fly. If you find yourself doing that… go to the nearest hospital and ask for help cause its not normal.

So it was a good day and I had fun! Me and Jonatan is planning our next Marathon, but we havn’t decided which movies we are going to see yet! If you have any recomendations please let me know 😉

Oh, and I MUST have one of these. Pretty awesome!
Oh, and I MUST have one of these headbands. Pretty awesome!

My first SPAM comment!

I felt so warm inside when it happened that I had to install one of those “ARE YOU HUMAN!1! (or are we dancers :O)” thingys. Hope you don’t mind!

The spam didnt make any sense either, it was almost like they tried to say “Hey, we can spam your comments with crap, do something about it!” So I did and here we are. The time is 08.20 and the weather is awesome. Its hot as hell outside and the summer is here, lets hope its here to stay. But my allergies went bananas just now and I sneezed like 30 times in 2 seconds. Well, thats things you just have to live with I guess 🙂


I had another spinningclass yesterday and it went great! Atleast I think so! I’m not 100% comfortable yet though but it feels better every time I have a class!

And today at 17.00 I’ll be up on that “bike” again, instructing. Awesome 😀

First I didnt have any classes in almost 2 months… Now I’ve had 4 in 2 weeks 🙂


I really can’t help myself.. So today I went out in the garden again to fix some stuff! The lawn had grown up and onto the asphalt on the sidewalk and it looked like crap! And there is only one way to remedy this, shovel, wheelbarrel and hard work! 1½ hours later it was done and it looks much much better then it did before!

Next project for a fine day is to fix the driveway.  I’m gonna try to take a Before and After picture that time 🙂

Leather jackets

Ever since I got my first leather jacket I was pretty hooked… I like it alot! I got my jacket in december 2007. And now its too big for me, it doesnt fit as well as it did 1½ years ago. AND the zipper is broken so I can’t close it! So it was time to get a new one!

I looked around stores and so on to find my new friend for life! A jacket to grow with and a jacket that had that “HENRIK FEEEEELING” you know? I did not find any jacket that had my name written on it :(. BAD STORES, BAAAD

I talked to my father about this problem and I asked him if he had some old jackets somewhere. Well since I knew he had used leather jackets in his youth I asked him how many he had. “I’ve got a few” he said, walking over to the wardrobe and 5 minutes later 7 leather jackets saw the light of day for the first time since the war.

And one of these jackets actually had my name written on it! It was plain with buttons not a zipper. It was worn at the edges which gives it more life! And to be honest! I love the fact that I’m actually using my fathers old jacket, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

Artists borrowing stuff from one another…

I know its common and every artist does it. Its a way to grow and find new angles on things… but this is just silly 😀

The new single When Love Takes Over by David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland is an example of that.
David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over

Compare this to…

Coldplay – Clocks

One might say that its identical, well almost anyway. I wonder how these things come to pass. Is it a conscious decision or is it by accident?

En fika

Jag kan inte hjälpa att säga det, men det var verkligen en helt vanlig dag. Jag vet att det låter klyschigt och fantasilöst, men som sagt. Det var faktiskt bara en helt vanlig dag.

Jag satt där på fiket, minding my own buissness you know? Läste lite förstrött i dagens tidning och tittade ut genom fönstret. Smuttade lite på kaffet och ja, var bara mig själv?

Det var ju inte direkt mitt fel att hon skulle sätta sig där, men det gjorde hon i alla fall. Hon satte sig bara där och började dricka sitt te, jag blev paff, är ju i Sverige, här händer inget sådant. Här är vi tillbakadragna och vill inte ta kontakt med främmande människor. Vi ska sitta själva och vara bittra över att vi INTE tar kontakt. Hon sabbar ju hela grejen för tusan, fattar hon inte det?

”Snön snöar tätt över Moskva vid denna tiden på året”, hon tittar på mig när hon säger det. Hon viskar det liksom, fast högt, en hög viskning med rysk brytning.

”Mmhm, och fåglarna simmar i dammen”, replikerar jag utan att titta upp från tidningen. Men jag måste säga att jag var lite chockad över det hon sagt. Man kan ju liksom inte helt avfärda möjligheten att hon faktiskt är en rysk spion. Det har ju hänt, det har jag sett på film.

”Du råkar inte ha lite is på dig? EIS BITTE!”, säger hon strax efter.

”Nej faktiskt inte, jag brukar ju alltid gå runt med ett par kilo is annars, men idag har du otur tyvärr”, svarar jag lite lojt och fortsatte att smutta på mitt kaffe.

”Men Anders, varför talar du inte med mig?”

”För att jag inte heter Anders?”

”Va? Heter du inte Anders?”

”Nej, jag har faktiskt aldrig hetat Anders vad jag vet”

”Ahh, du är fortfarande på ’den’ platsen, jag ber om ursäkt.”

”Err, vilken plats?”, ja, jag vet att jag inte borde ha frågat, men jag var ju nyfiken på vad detta var för någon underlig och galen kvinna. Det verkade ändå inte som om jag skulle bli av med henne.

”Den vid fönstret såklart?”, svarar hon. Ingen respekt! Driva med mig sådär!

”Lägg av, du menade något annat, jag hörde det allt!”, jag hade i detta läget lagt ner tidningen och praktiskt taget stirrade på henne.

”Men lägg av nu Anders, jag orkar inte fjanta mig mer”

”Vem är du kvinna?!”, kanske var lite okänsligt av mig, men jag var faktiskt väldigt irriterad på henne för tillfället.

”Sluta nu Anders, jag är med barn. Och ja, det är du som är fadern”

”VA!”, hur FAN kunde hon vara med barn? Hon hade ju sagt att det var safe ju!

”Jag är med barn, hör du dåligt? Jag ville bara berätta det för dig så du kan ta ställning till hur du vill gå vidare med det, jag behåller barnet vad du än säger.”

Här svimmade jag, jäkla tur att kaffet var slut i alla fall. När jag vaknade till liv så var hon borta och jag hade något att fundera på… Var det Emma eller Ann-Katrin?

Garden work

Today I did some work in the garden. First two of the flower beds were redone, re-arranged the flowers a bit, made the edges even and so on. When that was done it was time to handle the timber! Half of the garden is filled with wood which is cut up in smaller pieces so they will fit in the incenerator! Well it was time to start stacking them up and not letting them lay around anymore. Did about 1/6th of the total ammount and now the garage door can be opened again ;).

Other then that it’s been a pretty boring day! Listening to music and hope I get a vibe going on so I can start doing another spinning-cd =)

So I went to Skövde.

And what did I do in Skövde you might ask? Well it was pretty simple to be honest! I had a spinning-class!

It went great. This was the first time I did a class without any other instructors =). People left the room 50 minutes later and they seemed tired and happy! So I take that as a good sign. I also got some kind comments which was fun 🙂

19 people attended and that is a new record for me!

Although it was supposed to be a 60min class today I had to do a 45 min since I havn’t made any  60min classes yet :(. But thats easily sorted! Time to scavange through my music collection one more time 😉