Time to wake the frak up!

Not sure why I do this to myself. I had a plan, I stuck to it and it worked out great. Then I relaxed and it just went downhill for 2 weeks. I tell you, as joe pesci is my witness. THIS WILL CHANGE. And not on frakking monday. TODAY. Why push this more then I need to. Lets do this, VICTORY!

Oh and I’m totally in to entourage.. can’t stop watching it. I LOVE IT :).

Mind the caps, but you know what they say..


So I’ve been working alot.

And it actually seems that my mind gets affected by it. Today has been a shitty day work-wise. Nothing went smooth and I’ve walked around in some sort of HAZE the entire day. Think its cause I’ve been working long days now for 2 weeks. up 05.30 in the morning, home at 18.40 in the evening.

Today I got some extra help though, that was really nice. One of my co-workers said that “You never say anything about how much your workload is cause you usually can handle it in a good way. So now when you said you were stressed I thought that you REALLY must be stressed out so M can help you aswell”. Its good to have co-workers that you can rely on :).

But sometimes you just get tired. One of my co-workers “helped” me when the deliviry came, then he said with a smug voice “Damn, you have bought ALOT”

“Yea, everyone gets payed this weekend you know”

“So everyone buys MILK?”


Ah well, its at an end now anyway. The next two weeks are much more soft then the last two. Work from 07-15, 07-12, and I’m free on wednesdays 🙂


Battlestar Galactica…

I’ve just finished this series and I must say it was pretty awesome. One of the best things with it is that it actually ends! Now don’t get me wrong. I liked the series, its just that most of the shows out there continues forever and the quality gets wors each season from a certain point. It’s better to end the show when it’s good so you have a nice memory of it rather then an aweful one :).

Battlestar Galactica is a Sci-Fi series, but much more dirty and “real” then lets say Star Trek. It has interesting characters who all go through changes during these 4 seasons. Most of them are not anywhere near the same person in Season 4 as in Season 1. And that is a good thing, to see how they evolve and how events in the world effects them.

I would totally recommend this series to a friend! I thought it loosed its “UMPF” on a few places but thats just a small thing compared to the whole, and if you judge the series as a series and not by each episode it is totally friggin AWESOME ;).

work work…

I’ve been busy this week, and will be busy for the next week aswell. Work “full-time” at work these 2 weeks so not much time left for anything else then work, eat and sleep :). But hey, I LIEK IT! But thats why I havnt been that active lately :(.

I’ve started to have spinning classes again, had my first this monday and now I’ll have that class every monday the entire fall. Its nice! My second spinning-class-cd is starting to get together aswell. ITS AWESOME ;).

And now its time for some more BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and TRUE BLOOD, WEE 🙂

Well hewwo!

It’s been a while! I broke my streak with posting every day… But I don’t know, I’m not sad about it since the last posts was like “ohlolImpostingcauseIwanttohaveoneposteachdayandIdontcareiftheydontmakeanysense!” posts.

So I attended the Törebodafestivalen this weekend, well I was there on the saturday anyway when Sahara Hotnights, Johnny Kask and Beach Boys played (YES BEACH BOYS IN TÖREBODA11!1!). It was nice and the weather was awesome. Johnny Kask was the best performance that day and I was happy about it!

The Beach Boys looked pretty tired! They played non-stop for 1h40m and well… I think it was play back but I’m not sure ;). But they are still closer to death then to a come back… And since there were only 2 members left from the “original” Beach Boys I’m not sure what to make of it. My guess is that the band they played with mostly was their own little bastards who wanted a piece of the money their parents are going to leave behind when they die ;).

Yesterday was a good day to be me. Two people asked me if I had lost weight and told me I looked good and that they were impressed :). It’s really nice to hear stuff like that, makes my day! And It’s proof that my efforts are not all in vain 🙂


30 deg in the shadow.. whats that all about?

I”ve had a nice eavning at home with a friend. A, he came here to visit me and we saw the movie “Lucky Number Slevin”. An awesome movie, action/comedy. You should see it 🙂

A Cold…

The cold I catched last week still stands and this makes me to cancel my tour to Strömstad and my first running competition. I’ll run 10km some other time instead. Think it’s going to be Blodomloppet in August. But you have to listen to your body and my body says NO!

I’m working tomorrow from 07-12, after that I really don’t know what happens.

I was at my brothers and relaxed a bit. Nursed my nephew to sleep and it was cozy… and HOT.

OH and I got my neck-pain back! AWESOME… When I lean my head to the right I get a pain running up my neck and down my shoulder, its VERY annoying. Guess I’ll see how it affects my workflow tomorrow!



Got some gravel for the garden, its awesome… I’m posting pictures tomorrow! :P.

Been at work today from 07-18, it went well! I hope :O. And I’m tired, first week is the hardest!

My cold is not going to well aswell… Hope I feel better tomorrow so that I can go to Strömstad and run the race!