A long day.

But not in a bad way!

It started with some work. from 07.00-17.00. After that I went to have a spinning class which lasted from 17.30-18.30. But then THEN It was time for some dancing :). So 19.30-20.30 I was dancing bugg and was having a great time. I love it :). I forgot alot of it during the time I didn’t dance but when I got started it all came back! And when I danced with one of the teachers she said I was very good at it. That made me smile! :D.

Oh and the news paper was there to take some photos. I think they might have caught me in one of them atleast. We’ll see! 🙂

A pretty eventfull day.

Yes, it involved work, and training and work! And standing in a line. All of the above was pretty much awesome. Work went well today, got most of the stuff I needed to do done. The rest I’ll fix this weekend since I’m working.

After work I left for the bank to deposit some money, hence the standing in line bit! Then I went to the gym and practised my POWER followed by me having a spinning class. I’m tired as something that is tired… Soon, BED.

Have a nice one 🙂


I get so frustrated about some stuff that is going on in the world right about now. I’m not sure if its me who has changed or if the world just became a worse place to be in. What I mean is that maybe 5 years ago I wouldn’t be thinking about this stuff because my brain didn’t think it was worth pondering. But now when I’m older and have reached the age of reason I start to think about it and get aggrevated.

I saw a picture not so far back that explains life, that really say how things work. It’s pretty hard to explain and I don’t have the picture. But it was a timeline with how old you were, and how excited you were about things that happened. In example your first love was very high in your excitement meeter but your first broken heart was devastation. Anyway, It ends in such an awesome way.

High excitement: You turn 21 and finally know what life is about, and how it works.

Next step in the timeline

Low Excitement: You turn 25 and realize you don’t know shit and have to start over.

You don’t get closer to the truth than that. Honestly, you don’t.

When I have time I’m going to write a few pieces about the things I think should be fixed in the world and tell you why they are so friggin stupid. But that text will be in Swedish. And I’m not sure when I have time to write them. But in time, they will come.



Not sure what it is but it feels like it doesn’t really matter how early I go to bed, it’s still a pain to wake up before 05.00. I wonder why that is, and how long I have to live with that fact. Anyway, off to work. TATA

A Weekend of compliments.

Ah yes. I am a sucker for compliments, both giving and recieving! And this weekend I got a few that made me really happy :). The first one was at one of the birthday parties where a friend said that “I think this is getting old but Henrik, every time I see you, you look so good!” This made me really happy :). Thank you Iona for making my day! She also said that the updatefrequency of my blog was not what it should be. I will try to be better at updating it 🙂

Earlier that day just before I was setting out to the party my dad wanted to talk to me. And he said that “I just want you to know that I love you very much and that I am proud of you and of what you are doing”. This also made me all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

A Weekend of celebration!

This last weekend was filled with celebrations! Two of my friends had their birthday’s and I went to both of their gatherings. It was really soothing :D. I enjoy spending time with good people, laughing and having a good time. Strange right? That I like to spend time with nice people ;). Who doesn’t!

And I must say that Bertil is a crazy man. He did not make 1 chocolate cake. He did not make 2 of them. Nor did he make 3. He made… TWELVE. Yes, 12 different kind of chocolate cakes. And we were about 8 people who was going to eat it all. They were all very tasty :). And since not one of them ran out Bertil can have them for dinner for a week or two! Lucky guy 😉


I’m not sure what to think or do. At the moment I am in one of those dazes where everything just is and I’m just going with the flow. My health has improved and when I’m not at work working I spend most of my days with various exercises. Such as Spinning, running or just taking a walk. It is pretty soothing and good for me. I think.

I know its a cliché but I started to live a more healthy life now the first week in to the year 2010. I have set new goals for me to reach and stuff for me to do. I know I can do it. So why not just do it.

And soon, in two weeks, the dancing continues :). I am so looking forward to dance again, it is going to be awesome fun 🙂

A good start to the new year in other words.