Battlestar Galactica…

I’ve just finished this series and I must say it was pretty awesome. One of the best things with it is that it actually ends! Now don’t get me wrong. I liked the series, its just that most of the shows out there continues forever and the quality gets wors each season from a certain point. It’s better to end the show when it’s good so you have a nice memory of it rather then an aweful one :).

Battlestar Galactica is a Sci-Fi series, but much more dirty and “real” then lets say Star Trek. It has interesting characters who all go through changes during these 4 seasons. Most of them are not anywhere near the same person in Season 4 as in Season 1. And that is a good thing, to see how they evolve and how events in the world effects them.

I would totally recommend this series to a friend! I thought it loosed its “UMPF” on a few places but thats just a small thing compared to the whole, and if you judge the series as a series and not by each episode it is totally friggin AWESOME ;).