Crazy thursday!

This thursday was a bit hectic, at least in the morning.

I was preparing to go to work. The bus leaves at 06.10. The time was 05.55 and I couldn’t find my wallet. I looked EVERYWHERE. Then I realized that I put my wallet in my brothers car the day before. So my wallet with all my money and my bus card was in there aswell. In other words, if I could not get my wallet I could not get to work. So I did what any decent person would do to his brother… I called him, at 05.57. No answer! CHOCKER!..

So I took the more awesome way of doing things… Found an extra key to my brothers house and jumped on my bike. And let me tell you. That bike has NEVER gone that fast. I was like lightning! If anyone saw me they actually did not! They just saw a daze, a blurr!

I got there, sneaked in to the house found the car keys and got my wallet from the car. I sneaked back in and put the keys back, locked the door and got on my bike again, with the same speed as before I got home and ran out to the bus stop. The time was 06.07.

Then I got a phone call from my brothers wife. She asked if I just was in their house and I explained it all. Apparently she tried to convince my brother that someone was in the house but he did not really believe it ;). But then she saw that I had called my brothers cell and understood that it was me.

Pretty good though! Break in to a house before going to work. =)