A new blog is UP…

But It’s not running. Well not just yet anyway! But I’m working on it =)

Think I’m going to use this theme though, cause I think it is pretty neat! Which is in fact quite ironic since the theme I tried on before this was named “Neat!”! But as my good friend Magnus said, “some color changes might be in order my dear friend”. Well not exactly like that but that was what he meant!

Oh yea. And I’m gonna try to keep this version of the blog in english. I hope you don’t mind! :O Mainly because I need to keep my english up and running and it is quite fun! But comment in whatever language you want!

Link to the old blog: http://oldblog.shogunatet.se if you want to read old posts 🙂

Youtube on Myblog is magnificient!

Trying out this youtube-feature I just installed. Seems to work!