So I went to Skövde.

And what did I do in Skövde you might ask? Well it was pretty simple to be honest! I had a spinning-class!

It went great. This was the first time I did a class without any other instructors =). People left the room 50 minutes later and they seemed tired and happy! So I take that as a good sign. I also got some kind comments which was fun 🙂

19 people attended and that is a new record for me!

Although it was supposed to be a 60min class today I had to do a 45 min since I havn’t made any  60min classes yet :(. But thats easily sorted! Time to scavange through my music collection one more time 😉

Faith in me

Apparently people are having some faith in me!

Yesterday U sent me an sms asking if I could do the thursday and friday spinning-class in Mariestad. So I keep the habit going. I accepted, ofcourse its awesome! And now today A sent me an sms and asked me if I could take his 17.30-class tonight in Skövde. And I accepted that aswell!

So I’m gonna have 3 spinning-classes this week! How awesome is that? That is awesome 😉

I had a strange dream…

First of all I overslept for a thing at work (in the dream). And I went there to tell them that I was sorry and that it would never happen again. Then for some reason I was at a party which resided in the streets of some town. And the first thing I saw was this huge pallet of beer. And it was really messy! So I had to tidy it up, obviously! So I cleaned that up (placing each beer in its right place and throwing away empty cartons).

When that was done I saw a few friends who thought that “hey look at these mini-go-carts we found!” And left them there and walked away. I quickly mounted one of the mini-go-carts, they were so small that I had to cross my legs in order to fit in the seat. Its very hard to explain, they were small lets leave it at that. So I drove around a bit and spoke with my friends. Ultimatly I ended up in a “mini-go-cart” ARENA where me and 2 friends battled three 9 year olds for the grand prize.

We won!

And there the dream ends… I have no idea what it means but now I need to go to the buss! TATA =)