So I went to Mariestad and the gym today to participate in a POWER-class. You might know it as Body Pump!

Me, and two other guys (G and E) is learning how to have POWER-classes so it was pretty much a walk-through. What to think about, what to say and so on. Body Pump is really tough! My legs hurt like hell ;).

So in the end of the summer we are going to teach a power-class for the other employees of the gym. We each got 2 sets to learn. I got Bicep and Tricep. I SUCK AT TRICEP so this is going to be a challenge! FUN! 😀

Banner – Movie number 2

Let’s continue this story of success! The second movie of the banner is!



It’s not that this movie gives you much more then a thirst for blood and goose bumps all over your body when you see the  awesome fights which is as well choreographed as pretty much anything you have seen in the movies. A very bloody and brutal movie where you don’t need to think at all. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and then, with a big smile on your face, turn off the movie and try all the cool stuff out on your friends and siblings!

The movie earns a spot on the banner for its brutality and choreography, aswell as being a base for alot of parodies over the past years!

Banner – Movie number 1

I thought that I would do a series of posts where I explain what movies the banner contains of and why they are there.

So lets do this!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

First picture up in the left corner is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind A strong and beautiful movie about love and what happens when it tears your heart up into little pieces which sare scattered all over the ground. One of Jim Carreys best performances ever. He truly is a man with many talents. Kate Winslet is brilliant, as always, in this movie and the connection between the two of them is magnificent.

I chose this movie for its unique ability to touch and really get into a persons mind. If you have not seen this movie. DO IT.

This might sound CLICHÉ

But I’m starting my new life today. A more healthy and awesome life. I have been indulging way to much recently and it has to stop. Doesn’t matter how much I work out if I keep eating crap I’ll never get anywhere. No more mindless spending and eating with the reason “but its sooooo goooooooooood!”. FRACK that shit.




I just watched Jönssonligan på Mallorca. And that movie truly is awesome. All of the Jönssonligan movies are good! They are funny and kind of smart ;). I like the homour in them! Also I have one of the slowers flies in the world around me at the moment. It is really annoying :).

Havn’t done much today, mostly been chillin out! But yesterday I found something out that I did not like! You might remember that I wrote about a series named “The Unusuals”. I’ve seen 10 episodes of that series now and it turns out it was canceled after those 10 episodes! What is that about? Why cancel such an awesome show? It was funny and everything. Made me sad 🙁

Time for bed soon, have to wake up at 05.50 to drive my brother to work. Then I’ll hit the gym and be on my way home. Awesome 😀

I’m so hung over!

Nah just kidding! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

I’m healthy as a mule! And I had a really good time yesterday, spending midsummer with good food and good friends is really nice :). I hope you all had a good midsummer aswell!

Saturday today and I’m actually going out for a run soon. About fracking time let me tell you that much. Need to get some kilometers in my body before the big race the 4th of july.



I’ll be joining a few friends in Skövde for this midsummer. It starts at lunch and continues through out the day. It will be glorious!

I actually over slept today so I didn’t have time to go out for a run before breakfast, that annoys me! But hey I’ll go out tomorrow instead since my hangover won’t exist 😉

Have a nice midsummer people! =)

Well hewwo!

The day started bad. Rain, rain on the day when I was going out for a run… So I was pretty upset with the weather for a while. Then U sent me an sms and asked me if I could take her spinning-class on the evening! So my training was solved for the day.

OH! I got a haircut today! At Ibbes. He was nice! He gave me a shave aswell, with a BLADE. not a razor, a BLADE. I have always wanted one of those. It was as epic as I thought it was going to be! 🙂

I started to watch a new series today aswell. Well tonight is the word I’m looking for really since I’ve only seen 2 episodes. And I like it. I like it alot and I hope it will continue in the great way it has started.


It’s an American cop series, serious, humourous, you know the type! And I realized it was a good series when I without thinking just wanted to watch the next episode as soon as the one I was watching ended :). I would recommend this to a friend!

The hedge…

Well I’ve been rather upset on one of our hedges these past few days.. So today I did something about it.

Hedge, pre-cut

Hedge, pre-cut

Then I started to work on it, and the result is as follows…

Hedge, post-cut

Hedge, post-cut

You will have to excuse my bad camera. Since I do not have a camera I use my phone to take pictures, hence the bad quality ;).

This is roughly two hours later, The trimming has been done and all the twigs and leaves has been taken care of (5 more garbage bags). I also trimmed a shrubbery in the garden but I didnt take any pictures of that one ;).

This was my frist time trimming a hedge and I’m not sure of the results! Its not even… but then again its very hard to get it even since it doesnt grow evenly over the entire area. I did my best and it looks way better now then it did before 🙂