Home again from an awesome weekend in Strömstad! ALOT of sun, some burnt arms and I’ve been on a BOAT!

Now I’m on my way to bed in this crazy heat! Hope I can sleep. But hey, if I could sleep in a warm boat  I think I’ll manage my own bed!


Banner – Movie number 6

6th picture today! AWESOME

Sin City

Sin City

Oh yes, its Sin City. The many talanted Micky Rourke in the picture. Since I am a fan of Film-Noir, or Neo-Noir as this is I really love this movie! The colours, the fights, the blood… Even Eliah Wood is good in this movie. I think this is one of those “Love or Hate” movies. I love it!

It has a raw tone, the humour is brilliant when that time comes and the fact that his is based on a comic book even makes things better! A movie that is something out of the ordinary and that is based on a comic book! Never happened before! Sure X-Men was good but it’s not a Sin City. This is why it belongs up there! Its pure awesomeness…