Pulling me from different directions!

This morning I got a call from S who is an spinning instructor in Skövde. She asked me if I could take one of her classes this evening. But I had to say no! I SAID NO!1 (now you should place your hand over your mouth and say silent to yourself ‘is he mad?’). No I’m not mad. But I already had a class in Mariestad today! Its fun that people want me to take more classes! Not sure if its just cause I’m new and available or if its cause I actually have some qualities! I hope its a mixture of them both :). And hey its fun either way so :D.

Haha oh I just remembered… I felt like such a dork today when I had my spinning class :D. I’ve included a song which has the name “800 degrees” by Ebba Grön. And  I screamed out to my fellow spinners… “COME ON, LETS MAKE IT 800 DEGREES IN HERE! WOOOOOO”. Ah well, it made my friend laugh and that is a good thing I guess ;).

Did he say GARDEN?

He sure did!

First I must say that the towingthingy went rather well! If you don’t count the small fact that my friend didn’t have any towing rope in his car (which his father said would be there). So we had to go get one :). Oh and the fact that 1km from our goal in Mariestad the rope SNAPPED and we had to fix it! Other then that it was a smooth ride from Töreboda to Mariestad in 30-50km/h! I pumped up the volume and pretended that I was a RAGGARE and just cruised along.

When I got home I started to mow the lawn. 5 minutes into the mowing I hit something and one of the blades position got shifted so instead of running smoothly it hit the lawnmower. So I flipped it and got the tools and fixed it! MR. HANDY MAN HENRIK DAVIDSSON. Then I just finished the mowing and continued with the trimmer to finetune the edges a bit.

Now its time for lunch and a shower 🙂

A new day. A new month. New opportunities

1st of June is here and the weather could not be better! Pretty amazing weekend we have had weatherwise. Almost 25-30 deg every day. But enough about that.

Today I am going to help a friend tow his car back to Mariestad. This will actually be the first time I have ever been a part of a tow! Well I have been present when cars have been towed before. But I have never driven any of the cars before! So I am looking forward to this very much :).

Oh and on another note, on wednesday my younges nephew has his birthday! He turns 2! That is crazy, time flies when you get older :). I’m not sure what to get little Algot for his birthday but I’m sure I’ll think of something 🙂