I just watched Jönssonligan på Mallorca. And that movie truly is awesome. All of the Jönssonligan movies are good! They are funny and kind of smart ;). I like the homour in them! Also I have one of the slowers flies in the world around me at the moment. It is really annoying :).

Havn’t done much today, mostly been chillin out! But yesterday I found something out that I did not like! You might remember that I wrote about a series named “The Unusuals”. I’ve seen 10 episodes of that series now and it turns out it was canceled after those 10 episodes! What is that about? Why cancel such an awesome show? It was funny and everything. Made me sad 🙁

Time for bed soon, have to wake up at 05.50 to drive my brother to work. Then I’ll hit the gym and be on my way home. Awesome 😀