A slow day!

Well it kind of felt slow but I don’t know. Guess it wasn’t that slow since I actually did quite a few things.

I was at my brothers and helped him with the roof again, we switched the position of the haki-frame-thingy-that-you-stand-on-when-you-work-up-there. So it was pretty hard labour but not unpleasant. Then we threw off more bricks from the roof and after that I had to go home for some dinner, a shower. Cause I had to be in Mariestad at 19.30 to attend a group-training-meeting! We decided how the schedule for next semester would be. And as it tourns out I am going to have a spinning-class every monday at 17.00 this fall! AWesome. YES AWESOME. Gonna talk to them a bit more and hopefully I can get something else aswell. Not sure what though… maybe Power, who knows :).

A good day! And tomorrow I’m gonna work at ICA, 07-17. Friday is a pretty stressfull day since I have to place 2 orders. One for friday afternoon and one for saturday. Gonna be pretty sweet to work again though, havn’t been there in a while 🙂