True Blood!

Season 2 of True Blood has started! This is awesome. I am happy HAPPY.. WEE 😀

My brother is home from the hospital now, this is also good. Apparently there wasn’t anything wrong with him. Or well it was but they don’t really know what yet. But he feels better and now has no appendix! 😉

It’s hard to believe

That we are closing in on july already. June just flew by and this scares me! :).

It’s still hot as hell here and today I’m going to my brothers house helping him to carry some wood. And since he still is in the hospital I will do the carrying and he will do the laying on his back in a bed. But It will make him happy so I’ll do it just cause of that :). LAter on I’m going to work, 13.30-18.00 today! 🙂

I closed the store yesterday and I HOPE it all went well, Guessing I’ll hear about it today otherwise. But It felt good and I don’t think I forgot anything. And hay it was my first night flying solo so they can’t be to harsh on me.. can they?