Well hewwo!

The day started bad. Rain, rain on the day when I was going out for a run… So I was pretty upset with the weather for a while. Then U sent me an sms and asked me if I could take her spinning-class on the evening! So my training was solved for the day.

OH! I got a haircut today! At Ibbes. He was nice! He gave me a shave aswell, with a BLADE. not a razor, a BLADE. I have always wanted one of those. It was as epic as I thought it was going to be! 🙂

I started to watch a new series today aswell. Well tonight is the word I’m looking for really since I’ve only seen 2 episodes. And I like it. I like it alot and I hope it will continue in the great way it has started.


It’s an American cop series, serious, humourous, you know the type! And I realized it was a good series when I without thinking just wanted to watch the next episode as soon as the one I was watching ended :). I would recommend this to a friend!