I took a picture of the thing!

No not that thing… you weirdo.

I took a picture where I cleaned yesterday. And I’ll prob go out there and work some today aswell

The garden.

The four stones you see that make a path was entirely covered with grass.

Did some more work today, result?

The Garden

Not sure if it shows but I fixed the edges and evened out the gravel. Also you can see how much smaller the pile of wood has become!


I think I might have them! Well I know that it’s something I can’t be around. I just havn’t figured out what yet. But when I woke up this morning my throat was jammed and my eyes was itching. So I rule out a cold. Cause I can’t be cold now, would not work at all! ;).

I think I’m gonna continue in the garden today, and later this evening it’s time to go to Mariestad and have a spinning-class… I really need to get myself another cd. Think people might get tired of doing the same thing every time, and its good to have a couple of cd’s to chose from.

Ahwell, time to get this day started <3